had to pause my board order bc i realized i made a mistake reading datasheet. fixing it but adding a few extras too

despite being a ball of nervous energy today i managed to route it to being productive so i'm happy with that

discovering i have less meetings today than i thought is a wonderful feeling

finished laying out first pcb and ordered from oshpark! so excited to see it turn into a real thing

didn’t quite finish tonight but got footprint done and most of layout. only a few tracks left to place i think. happy with progress anyway

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i do not like trying to align metric and imperial components

figuring out kicad footprint editor. not going to bed til i get a board sent off to be made

Concurrency in Haskell is so refreshing compared to pthreads/java threads

finished first attempt at schematic for streamer test board. started to look at component selection, there are so many options and i have no idea what to pick

i am embarrassingly bad at cable management. if i hold two cables in separate hands they will become tangled

seeing flocks of formation-flying birds makes me happy

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